E3 NV Data Center Solutions

For the last 20 years E3 NV  has focused on reliability, efficiency, value, scalability, and rapid deployment. All the things data centers need are in our blood. E3 started shifting to focusing our products on data centers in 2009. After our first modular building for a Verizon data center other companies took notice. Two-phase immersion tanks were a logical step to achieving the same goals. Unlike our competitors we make large tanks to minimize the infrastructure required. Our team of engineers have used novel solutions to make systems that are both efficient and easy to maintain. We support our products for decades. Since E3 actually manufactures tanks we can rapidly change or improve the design and making parts for decades old systems is easy. 

E3 Meets Needs

Our biggest source of pride comes from listening to customers and giving them a solution that works. Give us your needs and we can make a solution for it at a reasonable cost. You have a source of cold water you want to use for cooling? We can work with that. You want to run a generator from biogas recovered from cows? Easy. You want to use fuel cells or provide your own battery technology? Just tell us where it needs to go. 

You know what your needs are. You know what your limitations are (space, budget, cooling, etc.) Tell us so we can solve your problems. 


E3 NV has a long history. We started as a small start up over 20 years ago. We have been involved in projects ranging from cogeneration to novel thermoelectric systems. Some of our more unique projects include hospital waste to energy, natural gas engine research with linear generators, thermoelectric geothermal systems, cogeneration with solar and fuel cells, baseball pitching machines, concert audio equipment, and two-phase immersion tanks. We learn from every project. With each tank and modular building we sell small improvements are made to improve quality, consistency, and speed of manufacturing. 



We have always recognized the need for high-quality reliable products. Our assembly and fabrication teams are capable for just about anything. Each of them adds their knowledge and skills to the quality of our products. High quality welds, precise bends, wires labels and organized, clean buildings, and thing done right shows our pride in our work. We know you'll be satisfied with our products. For components that are integrated into our systems we use the most reliable parts we can get. That means CAT engines, Bell & Gossett pumps, Siemens Valves. Downtime is for more expensive than the cost to replace a cheaper part. A down pump could cost $20,000 a day. If it saves you one day its worth using the best parts you can with high levels of redundancy. 

Our Team
Rory Chislett
Head of Engineering
Michael A. de’Marsi
Electrical Engineer

Mr. de’Marsi has 17 years of engineering experience in the field of system and control design in the cogeneration industry and is responsible for electric and control design for E3NV’s cogeneration modules. Mr. de’Marsi has extensive experience in sizing generation and cogeneration to applications as well as creating economic analysis for cogeneration system installation and operation. In addition, Mr. de’Marsi has served in distribution engineering for JCP&L, an IOU (investor owned utility) powering nearly 50% of New Jersey.  Mr. de’Marsi has also negotiated interconnect agreements with major power companies and utilities, including JCP&L, ConEd, ComEd, PG&E, SDG&E, SCE, PSE&G, HECO, HELCO and MECO.  Mr. de’Marsi earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech with a concentration in power systems studies.

Thomas Craddock
IT Engineer

Mr. Craddock is not only E3's server administrator but also responsible for research and development, thermodynamic engineering, controls engineering, marketing, IT training, and data center architecting. 

He has been with E3 since 2021. His main role here has been developing the hardware and network infrastructure of our company. This includes making sure server and cryptocurrency mining systems are working and provide a good value to the customer. He has a wide knowledge base ranging from information systems and related networking to in depth hardware analysis.

James Beyer, Production Manager, Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mr. Beyer has worked in metal fabrication for 40 years, operating in supervisory rolls for more than 30 years. Mr. Beyer oversees all aspects of E3NV’s in house sheet metal and fabrication shop; equipment and facility improvements, inventory and procurement, design review, CNC programing and personnel management. Mr. Beyer’s expertise allows for extremely fast turnaround times on new and existing products with a high level of accuracy and quality. Mr. Beyer is a skilled AutoCAD user and has completed training at the US Amada CNC Programing School. Mr. Beyer is a certified welder and US Navy veteran.

Paula A. Murray
Director of Materials

Ms. Murray has 25 years in material resource management. She is responsible for negotiating and administering material purchase contracts locally and overseas, inventory control, planning, logistics and implementation of SAP and MRP systems. During her time with Parker Hannifin, a Fortune 500 Company, she implemented a cycle counting program where inventory accuracy went from 47% to 98% within 6 months. With a history of lean manufacturing and inventory control, Ms. Murray has significant expertise in supply chain management, cycle time reduction, strategic planning, ISO 9001 conformity and personnel management.

William D. Winkler, General Contractor, Monitoring and Control Center Manager

Mr. Winkler is E3’s General Contractor for Nevada and California and has held a California General Contractors license for over 30 years. In addition, Mr. Winkler has been involved in many facets of the company over his 20 years’ experience in the cogeneration industry and currently manages the Monitoring Maintenance and Control Center at E3 which was developed to oversee the complete cogeneration system after deployment via the internet, using E3’s proprietary GenView software, allowing insight and full control of systems in the field. This is an advantage to the end user in that forecasts and active alarms are sent to E3 in advance or during an issue with the system allowing appropriate measures to be taken.

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Meet The Team

Bill Murdock 



Paula A. Murray

Director of Materials


Rory Chislett

Lead Engineer


William Winkler

Control Center Manager


James Beyer

Production Manager

Thomas Craddock

IT Engineer

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Christopher Grider

IT Engineer