Critical Infrastructure Modules (CIMs) are modular buildings that have been designed from the ground up for IT equipment. The modules are designed for efficiency, longevity, and ease of use. CIMs can be configured for a variety of roles including Uninterruptible Power Systems, Standby Generators, and Modular Data Centers.

The expert design of the modules can be demonstrated very easily. Our competitors modules weight twice what ours do and are 14ft wide. This means you must get expensive shipping permits that can take months for approval. Our units have raised floors with ladder rack below for quick and easy maintenance. Our units have a minimum walking space of 3.5ft between equipment so equipment can be properly maintained. Containerized solutions seem inexpensive, but the manufacturers know that you will have to replace the entire unit every 5 years. Our units are designed for a 20-year lifecycle. When you combine that with our high efficiency, you will find that our TCO is extremely competitive.

A rendering of a modular building cut away so the equipment can be seen with the frame of teh building. The floor is also cut away showing the wires and cable trays underneath.



Our Critical Infrastructure Modules (CIM) can be deployed in as little as 60 days.


Our design-build process begins at the same time as site preparation, making it a parallel solution, not a linear one like traditional construction. In addition, since CIMs are a UL listed product and not a project, there are no permits or approvals needed for installation, although we can build to any standard that you require.


If you are in need of more than one CIM, these units can be inventoried and ready for immediate deployment, all pre-engineered and pre-configured based on your specific requirements.​

Uninterruptible Power Systems

Our most popular CIM is our electrical module (eMod). These units contain a UPS, battery cabinets, static switches, transformers and everything else you need to supply electricity to your data center.

A recent trend in the data center world is externalizing UPS infrastructure. This reduces RF noise and ensures maximum floor space utilization for servers, SANs, and other valuable hardware. Our Critical Infrastructure Module will allow you to easily externalize your infrastructure.


These modules can seamlessly scale to 8000 kVA systems (with 8 x 1000kVA units) and can be easily expanded beyond that with only a small building with transfer switches.

Interior of a modualr building with raised floors, two small transformers for low voltage power, and 4 large battery cabinets. Ductwork is distributing air from rooftop mounted HVAC units.
A generator with a stackable design for a bank in a large city with no more space to add another generator. It is loaded on a trailer being prepped to ship to the customer.

Generator Modules

Our generators are specced to perfectly compliment our UPS systems. They have everything you need integrated into the system: battery chargers, static switches, load banks, transformers, etc.

The generator modules can also be custom built. We can package engines and generators that you provide, build stackable units or build fully mobile units for disaster recovery and emergency response. If you are interested in customized units please contact us.

Like all of our CIMs, our generators are highly scalable. We can build generators as small as 10kW and as large as 4MW. These units can work together to generate as much power as you need.

Feel free to call (775)-246-8111 or send us a message.

A rendering of 8 modular buildings forming a data center. 6 of the buildings form one large room. The other buildings are for teh generator and battery backup system.
A semi-truck trailer built by E3 NV for PEI (now Global Power Systems). It provies power for datacenters and sporting events.

Modular Data Center

Critical Infrastructure Modules can be configured as modular data centers. Due to their inherent scalability, this means that they can be deployed as an all-in-one system with server, UPS, and a generator or they can be deployed as a full-scale data center with 10's of thousands of servers.


These systems have huge advantages over traditional "brick & mortar" data centers in time to deployment, efficiency, and scalability. For only a small investment you can go from the industry average PUE of 1.7 to 1.1. The return on investment of such a system can be enormous and unlike containerized solutions, our units are designed to be maintained. With containerized solutions, you lose any potential savings to higher energy costs and higher maintenance costs.



Multiple mobile configurations are available to handle your data, power, and cooling needs, anywhere. Applications include deployment for disaster recovery and as a temporary infrastructure facility for use during facility construction or expansion. Contact us for more info.

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