Immersion Crypto Mining 

Return on Investment

The "bottom line" for immersion is it may have a higher upfront cost but a shorter payback period and better ROI.

  • Longer Equipment Lifespan

  • Hashrate Increase

  • Noise Reduction

  • Lower Power Consumption on Cooling

  • Higher Upfront Cost vs. Better Long-Term ROI 

Those looking to invest in immersion cooling for crypto mining will typically make more money & are looking at a long-term investment.

Two-phase immersion has the shortest payback period of any cooling system.

Costs are based on what we would charge for a system that is roughly 1MW.
air-cooled system is based on a 2MW installation.

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DataKool 250 RMU Render 01.png

It has been our experience that larger tanks are more economical. 

We currently focus on 500 kW tanks although we can still make small tanks such as the 125 kW and 250 kW.

DataKool 250 RMU Render 08.png