Mining with Various Cooling Methods

ROI Comparison

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The table to the left shows that two-phase immersion has the shortest payback period of any cooling system.

The air cooling cost is from a client of ours. The other costs are based on what we would charge for a system that is roughly 1MW. The air cooled system is based on a 2MW installation.

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As we have already listed benefits of two-phase immersion on the other immersion pages we will focus on what matters in the crypto mining industry.

The Bottom Line

The "bottom line" for immersion is that it has a higher upfront cost but a shorter payback period and better ROI.

Those looking to invest in immersion cooling for miners should be the ones looking at a long term investment with 2 or 3 miner generations going through a tank. Those who choose to make the long term investment will make more money.

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It has been our experience that larger tanks are more economical. 

We currently focus only on 500 kW tanks although we can still make our smalle tanks sich as the 125 kW and 250 kW.

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We currently offer Canaan's latest immersion specific miners (Q1 2020 release) as well as converted miners from Whatsminer and Bitmain. We are always working on better, newer miners.


If you would like to learn more or are interested in getting into mining with the highest efficiency possible then contact us using the form below or call 1-775-246-8111.

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