Immersion Servers

E3 NV has been working with several OEMs to produce servers just for immersion cooling. E3 makes use of "off-the-shelf" motherboards so that users can get service from big  OEMs like Dell and Fujitsu.

E3 is capable of making a server for any requirement. We have high-density CPU, GPU, and storage servers. If you wish to use your own servers we can provide taller tanks that accommodate any server. However, if you send us a server we can design a new space-saving chassis for that server in one week.

Custom chassis reduce the amount of fluid required, reducing costs. Source only the required parts can reduce the cost by 50% off the list price of servers. Maintenance is also optimized so operating costs are even lower.

We will still need to remove and modify fans on stock servers so we greatly prefer making new chassis. 

Benefits of E3 NV's 2-phase immersion cooling are the following:


PUE of 1.03 or less
No dust problems

No water leak concerns

Reduced maintenance costs through lower RAM and PSU failure rates as well as no cleaning costs

Servers come out of the fluid dry

Reduced infrastructure costs

Our solutions ISN'T turnkey. It is a generic solution that can be used for many generations of equipment

Higher density means more equipment in a smaller building

7 to 9% Better performance in >1hr renders, file compression, and other repeatable tests

2% Better performance in burst tasks (<3 minute loads)

6-18 Server Tank 1.png
Server Cropped.png
Server Comparison Cropped.png

The pictures above, below and to the left are all the same server.

For a customer that liked the C4140 server from Dell, we created a new chassis with support for 10 2.5" SFF Solid State Drives since the original server only had two PCIe slots for storage.

It took under a week to develop thanks to cooperation from Dell. Dell also have a flexible warranty and support system that allows us to get replacement parts as if it was one of their own servers. This was also important to the customer.

Including the addition of the drive bay, over 20% of the space was saved.

If E3 is provided with the specifications of your current servers and, optionally, the requirements of the software you operate E3 can prepare a proposal based on your requirements.

Already have servers you want to convert? No problem. Send us one and we will design a custom chassis or just use an extra tall tank if that's not an option.

What about the environment? Well in addition to saving many Megawatt-hours per year 3M's recently developed vapor recovery system can ensure that no vapor escapes giving your facility a minuscule carbon footprint. 

Interested? Want to know more? Contact us below or call us at 1-775-246-8111.

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