Lights Out Data Center

True light out means automated maintenance.

Several companies in both the traditional air-cooled and immersion space have products that help to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, none of these are cost effective.

E3's server tank is 1/5th of the cost of our competitor's automated tank per kW. We are talking about $2 million difference for 600 kW. That pays a salary for a long time. The average server technician makes $60,000/year and that's only because of the largest providers like Google. Many companies pay less than that. Even if the burdened cost was $100,000/year that's 20 years to get your money back on that investment.

Yet another issue our competitor's tanks have is density. If you are buying one system for edge deployment this may not be a concern. Due to the size of their automation system their tanks end up being only 1/3 of the density of our manually serviced tanks.

E3 has been developing a semi-automated solution not intended to eliminate technicians but rather enable them to get more done while also increasing density.

This tank is roughly 2.5x times the density of our standard immersion tanks or over 7x times the density of our competitors automated tanks.

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