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CIM Overview

Critical Infrastructure Modules

Critical Infrastructure Modules (CIMs) are modular buildings that are designed for IT infrastructure. The modules are also cost optimized to provide a lower total cost of ownership. This is achieved through high-efficiency, maintainability, and scalability.

In order to provide you with a valuable product, we have taken what we have learned and turned it into a standardized product. After years of building custom buildings with uninterruptible power systems, we learned what works.


Some of our competitors use 14ft wide units. They build them this way because it makes them the most money. We build ours to 12ft wide so that fewer permits are required to ship, reducing costs and eliminating the need to wait for shipping permit approval. We still have 4 feet of space in front of equipment to allow for full maintenance.

In another "cost-saving" move, our competitors let their units weigh up to 100,000 lbs. This means that their price seems low until you have to pay huge amounts for shipping, specialty crane services, and more shipping permits. Our equivalent units are designed to only weigh up to 53,000 lbs allowing for much lower TCO and more rapid deployment as regular crane operators can take days to schedule as opposed to lifting the 100,000 lbs units which can take months to schedule.


If you would like to see some examples of our CIM projects, check out our blog. We post all kinds of interesting things there, including some of our projects.

🛠️ Maintenace

  • CIMs are easy to maintain, reducing TCO & increasing employee efficiency.

📐 Scalable

  • Units can be deployed as a single module, in pairs, or as an entire data center.

✔️ Validation

  • Everything we build is tested & validated before it ships.

🔑 Customizable

  • Units can be built with any equipment so your never locked into a vendor.

⚙️ Flexible

  • Modules can be configured as generators, UPS's or data modules.

💯 Made in the USA

  • All our equipment is engineered, built & validated in the USA.

🚚 Disaster Recovery

  • Our modules can also be configured as mobile solutions.

📊 Monitoring

  • We offer 24/7 monitoring & the ability to integrate our data with your system.

Critical Infrastructure Module (CIMs) can be deployed in as little as 60 days.

We can also build mobile disaster recovery trailers with all the equipment you need to get up and running in the event of an emergency.

Fully customized modules are available as well. While we have taken our experience and designed a module that we feel represents great value for most customers we understand that it will not be adequate for all use cases. This is why we can also build units to your exact specifications. We will install whatever equipment you provide in the exact way you want it.

Most modular solutions are built by companies that want to lock you into their ecosystem. With our units, you can mix and match brands in order to build the perfect solution.

If you would like more info on custom sizes, please contact us.

Standard Sizes:

Widths: 10' or 12'

Lengths: 15', 23', 30', 38', 45', 53'

Height 10'4"

Modules can be as small as 2' by 3'.

Multiple modules can be combined as an economical way to increase size.

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