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MAG Power

Oil Well Power

Oil Well Power

MAG Power is an innovative solution that converts wasted natural resources into CLEAN ENERGY! Our Caterpillar powered MAG Power generation system placed at the wellhead eliminates flaring and venting environmental issues while utilizing the natural gas to create clean, efficient electricity. MAG stands for methane abatement generator. We take raw wellhead gas and convert it into burnable fuel directly onsite. Our system with ratio control combined with our exhaust treatment reduces our emissions to incredibly low levels. The fuels and emissions can be treated for sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine, siloxanes, nitrous oxide (NOx), and carbon monoxide.


Oil Well Power

MAG Power provides a completely adaptable and scalable system while the equipment, installation, operations, and maintenance are all available for the MAG Power package. You can now produce Natural Gas from wells that are flaring or otherwise shut-in due to crowded gas sales lines or in locations without pipelines, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency while complying with all regulations.

MAG Power solutions are modular and fully scalable. Physical size/layout and power production can be easily adapted. Modules can be added or removed to match well head gas production. Power can be utilized in island mode (standalone) or grid parallel mode (selling excess power!).


Units can be set up quickly, are monitored remotely by a computer, and are powered by Caterpillar. The generated power is then used onsite or uploaded directly into reliable primary transmission lines and is sold under long-term agreements to utility companies, rural electric cooperatives, and end users.

A Gas Acquisition Agreement is executed with the wellhead owner and a Power Purchase Agreement is put into place with the local power provider or end user thus fixing the cost of gas and guaranteeing the price we sell our electricity for. It’s an excellent opportunity for all parties involved and we are producing “CLEAN” energy.

Natural Gas Reserves

Did you know that 40% of natural gas is wasted or abandoned? It is just burned off on site or vented into the air. Texas has nearly 100000 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 40% of it is going to be vented or flared off.

MAG Power was designed to be as flexible as possible in order to allow each system to be adapted to suit your needs. We took great care in making sure that our system is safe to the environment while ensuring maximum dependability with low maintenance. Our Primary Containment System prevents fluid leaks from damaging the environment. The fully removable doors and roof make for easy and low-cost maintenance. The weatherproof design allows for use in any climate and each unit is sound attenuated for noise reduction. Each unit has an integrated battery charger for reliable and consistent operation. Multiple units can be used in series, enabling efficient scalability and the skid-based design allows for easy transport and installation.

How MAG Power works
Oil Well Power
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