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Product Testing

E3 Testing Facilities & Capabilities

E3 believes in proven products and has heavily invested in a test facility that ensures all our products meet or exceed performance expectations. Our dedicated test staff have decades of experience in development, verification and durability testing which equates to optimized operation and some of the industry’s highest uptimes.

Our test facility is equipped with multiple independent test cells specifically equipped for product development and durability testing. Additionally, our end of line test point guarantees the performance and functionality of every unit before shipping.


The appeal of our test facility extends to third party customers. We offer independent testing and development services and can help to bring your product to market successfully. E3 has worked with alternative energy producers and technologies, including ORC, Gas Letdown Power Generation and Super Critical Fluid Power Generation. Our engineering and technical staff can work with you to lead development and testing programs, or we can support your needs while your experts “run the show.”

E3 is uniquely placed to assist with synergistic energy programs such as Cogeneration/Rankine-cycles and Cogeneration/chilling-cycles. Additionally, E3 offers extensive fabrication and sheet metal manufacturing capabilities that keep your program on track and on time. We offer competitive rates and attractive co-operative development and testing packages.

An engineer performing tests on a combined heat and power systems.

The picture above is one of our engineers, performing validation testing on one of our cogeneration units.

The E3 Test Facility Capabilities Include:


  • Up to 2.0MW of power dissipation including 600kW of grid-tied power.

  • Temperature controlled, 5MBTU/hr of dry-cooler and 1.5MBTU/hr of closed-circuit cooling tower thermal power dissipation.

  • Full emissions testing capabilities.

  • Gas flow-metering.

  • Gas chromatography.

  • Gas blending.

  • Intake air boosting.

  • Utility grade power quality metering.

  • Comprehensive data logging with post-processing services.

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