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Unparalleled hash rate increase & performance efficiency.

Crypto Mining


 The cryptocurrency mining segment accounted for the largest share in the immersion cooling market.

High cost of electricity, need for sustainable cooling solution, and the absence of eco-friendly cooling systems are fueling the adoption of immersion cooling systems in cryptocurrency mining.

Immersion cooling is the most cost-effective way to get the maximum hash rate from any
ASIC- or GPU-based cryptocurrency miner.


Immersion-cooling eliminates corrosive air particulate buildup and, when correctly overclocked, can even extend the mining rig operating lifetime as well as pump out extra terahashes per second — effectively saving money on the quantity of rigs required to achieve an equivalent hash rate of air-cooled mining rigs.

Immersion Crypto Mining Value

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The name of the mining game is effectively scaling operations with minimal additional costs, such that the skill of scaling a Bitcoin mining operation is a form of art, expressed in the medium of cutthroat expenses.

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Invest in Immersion Crypto Mining with E3

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