E3 NV Turnkey Solutions

E3 NV provides the best available technology when it comes to combined heat and power(CHP). Purchasing a combined heat and power system, a form of cogeneration, is a major business decision. You can’t afford to go with a cogeneration company that uses substandard equipment, or one who farms out certain elements of the process to a secondary company. It leaves too much to chance, and the headaches aren’t worth it.

When you choose E3 NV, you’ll get a cogeneration supplier who’s with you every step of the way. From customized design to financing, to delivery and install and ongoing support, we will oversee every last detail of the process, so that you don’t have to worry.

The end result is a quick, streamlined transaction that’ll have you saving big on energy costs in no time.


Unique Skid Delivery and Install

E3 NV has a completely customizable design approach. E3 NV also has the ability to place multiple cogeneration units on a single module base, or skid. All skids are custom-built to fit within a predetermined area on your property.

Our skids are made out of a combination of sound absorbing material including mineral wool, steel, and foam. They are watertight, seismically reinforced, and feature convenient side and front fork pockets to increase portability should the system need to be moved.


Integrated Design, Fluid Containment

All of our cogeneration system enclosures are designed with ease of use, accessibility, and safety in mind. Thanks to easily removable, lift-off doors and access panels, service, and maintenance is quick and easy. In addition, E3 NV has incorporated sound eliminating air ducts to reduce system noise. Within the enclosure’s self-contained controls cabinet is a battery charger and stored energy breaker to ensure system reliability.

The enclosure also features a stainless steel exhaust-gas heat exchanger, mechanical enclosure fan, and reversible piping options for gas and hot water.

The roof of the enclosure features pitched sections to ensure water runoff. A section of the roof is easily removable for engine change out while ensuring electrical is never exposed to the elements.


Downtime Elimination through High-Quality Parts and Localized Service

All of our cogeneration applications are powered exclusively by Caterpillar engines, which are the best on the market. Thanks to Caterpillar’s worldwide dealer network, your local Caterpillar dealer can provide parts and service quickly.


Around the Clock Monitoring

E3 NV’s EnviroGen Energy Modules are completely self-contained, meaning no extra staffing is required to manage them. Instead, our revolutionary GenView Control System carefully monitors your cogeneration system’s performance around the clock.

This Web-based control system is designed to provide remote access to all operations that the user would be able to perform if they were on-site, standing in front of the machine. With this information and access, a trained operator can diagnose and potentially avoid catastrophic failures with the equipment.

Our Team
Peter J. Palmer, Manager of Development Engineering

Mr. Palmer has 20 years experience in the design and development of internal combustion engines and related control systems, with significant emphasis on emission reduction strategies, including in-cylinder strategies to reduce dependence on after-treatment devices. Mr. Palmer is a graduate of Acton Technical College of Brunel University, London with the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Palmer’s professional accomplishments include prototype development of hydrogen fuel systems with British Petroleum, management of combustion research with both Volvo Car Corporation and A.D. Little, Inc. and development of combined heat and power (or cogeneration) specific laboratory facilities, systems and procedures for Hess Microgen, LLC.

Michael A. de’Marsi, Director,
Software Systems Engineering

Mr. de’Marsi has 17 years of engineering experience in the field of system and control design in the cogeneration industry and is responsible for electric and control design for E3NV’s cogeneration modules. Mr. de’Marsi has extensive experience in sizing generation and cogeneration to applications as well as creating economic analysis for cogeneration system installation and operation. In addition, Mr. de’Marsi has served in distribution engineering for JCP&L, an IOU (investor owned utility) powering nearly 50% of New Jersey.  Mr. de’Marsi has also negotiated interconnect agreements with major power companies and utilities, including JCP&L, ConEd, ComEd, PG&E, SDG&E, SCE, PSE&G, HECO, HELCO and MECO.  Mr. de’Marsi earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech with a concentration in power systems studies.

Jeff S. Fine, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer
Paula A. Murray, Director of Materials

Mr. Fine is an experienced designer and engineer with 20 years in mechanical engineering and related fields. Mr. Fine has proven project management skills with the ability to understand, describe and document highly technical and complex concepts and systems. Mr. Fine is expert with Solidworks and AutoCAD design software, file management and document control, and component sourcing and fabrication.  Mr. Fine has been key in the development of E3NV’s modular skid mounted cogeneration systems, contributing to projects all the way from marketing conception to field start-up. Mr. Fine is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Society of Automotive Engineers and is a licensed Nevada, Mechanical Engineering P.E.

Ms. Murray has 25 years in material resource management. Ms. Murray is responsible for negotiating and administering material purchase contracts locally and overseas, inventory control, planning, logistics and implementation of SAP and MRP systems. During Ms. Murray’s time with Parker Hannifin, a Fortune 500 Company, she implemented a cycle counting program where inventory accuracy went from 47% to 98% within 6 months. With a history of lean manufacturing and inventory control, Ms. Murray has significant expertise in supply chain management, cycle time reduction, strategic planning, ISO 9001 conformity and personnel management.

James Beyer, Production Manager, Sheet Metal Fabrication
William D. Winkler, General Contractor, Monitoring and Control Center Manager

Mr. Beyer has worked in metal fabrication for 40 years, operating in supervisory rolls for more than 30 years. Mr. Beyer oversees all aspects of E3NV’s in house sheet metal and fabrication shop; equipment and facility improvements, inventory and procurement, design review, CNC programing and personnel management. Mr. Beyer’s expertise allows for extremely fast turnaround times on new and existing products with a high level of accuracy and quality. Mr. Beyer is a skilled AutoCAD user and has completed training at the US Amada CNC Programing School. Mr. Beyer is a certified welder and US Navy veteran.

Mr. Winkler is E3’s General Contractor for Nevada and California and has held a California General Contractors license for over 30 years. In addition, Mr. Winkler has been involved in many facets of the company over his 20 years’ experience in the cogeneration industry and currently manages the Monitoring Maintenance and Control Center at E3 which was developed to oversee the complete cogeneration system after deployment via the internet, using E3’s proprietary GenView software, allowing insight and full control of systems in the field. This is an advantage to the end user in that forecasts and active alarms are sent to E3 in advance or during an issue with the system allowing appropriate measures to be taken.

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