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The #1 Immersion Cooling Company in The United States of America

E3 has revolutionized Two-Phase Immersion Cooling by creating the worlds most efficient data & crypto Two-Phase Immersion Tanks.

All our products are proudly manufactured & assembled in the United States of America with over 75% American-made parts. 

We can design, develop & deploy your projects solutions from start to finish, in house at our manufacturing factory.

"Our biggest source of pride comes from listening to customers and giving them a solution that works.

We have always recognized the need for high-quality reliable products. Our assembly and fabrication teams are capable of just about anything.

We know you'll be satisfied with our products."

Bill Murdock, CEO, E3

Critical Cooling Solutions

For the last 20 years E3 has focused on reliability, efficiency, value, scalability, and rapid deployment. We started shifting our focus on Data Centers in 2009 & Immersion Cooling in 2016. After our first modular building for a Verizon Data Center other companies took notice. Two-phase immersion tanks were a logical step to achieving the same goals. 

Modern High Computing loads are beyond the capabilities of air cooling, and this trend is only going to increase. Two-Phase Immersion Cooling solutions have sufficient capacity and will be required by data centers for years to come.

Two-Phase Immersion Cooling is the Future of Data Center cooling.

Meet The Team


William "Bill" Murdock 



Paula A. Murray

Director of Materials


Rory Chislett

Lead Engineer


William Winkler

Control Center Manager


James Beyer

Production Manager

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Christopher Grider

IT Developer

Interested in Working for E3? 

Apply now & join our talented team!

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