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Uninterruptible Power Systems


A labeled rendering showing the different parts of a UPS building. Besides the UPS and batteries there is also a load bank, maintenance bypass switch, distribution switch, automatic transfer switch, server rack, low voltage transformers, HVAC controls, and fire supression.

Critical Infrastructure Module (CIMs) can be configured as uninterruptible power systems (UPS). UPS CIMs consist of a UPS controller, battery cabinets, static switches, breaker panels, & automatic transfer switches. These modules can be all-in-one, with power filters & automatic transfer switches built in, or can function as the individual components of a larger system.

We refer to these as electrical modules or eMods.

Standard Features:
  • Raised Floors

  • Toshiba UPS

  • Square D Panels, Transformers, Switches & Breakers

  • Kingspan Panels & Roofing


  • LED Lighting

  • Eye Wash Station

  • Fire Suppression

  • Under Floor Ladder Rack

  • Cool Roof Certified

Interior of a modualr UPS system with custom ESD rubber floors. The UPS and battery cabinets are showing with vents in the floor for cooling.

Standard eMods can be purchased or we can design a fully customized solution, such as the unit pictured above.

These units were custom built with butyl rubber floors (extra ESD protection) and in-wall chillers with floor ventilation as opposed to our standard rooftop units (RTUs).

E3 foreman entering a building for final inspection before shipping.

Unlike containerized solutions, our modules are easy to maintain. We have standard raised flooring with ladder rack underneath and all the equipment is mounted on rails for easy removal.

Our units are significantly wider than containers ensuring quick and easy access for regular battery maintenance.

Ease of maintenance combined with our units’ 20-year lifespan, R30 insulation, and efficient HVAC systems results in low operating expenses and a lower TCO compared to containerized solutions.

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