Immersion Tanks

E3 NV currently have several designs for two-phase systems.

The sizes are as follows:


IEC 19-inch Server Tanks or customer  25-inch servers:






Tanks include extra space for networking gear so the U number is usable server space.

Mining Tanks

250 kW

500 kW

Three 500 kW tanks or four 250 kW tanks per 40ft container.

E3 can sell you a solution with everything you need to operate or we can provide only the components you need. 

Because of our experience in the data center industry building modular data centers and UPS systems we allow you to choose your level of involvement. We can fully manage a new data center with tanks, supervise an old data center being converted or simply make tanks and let you handle everything after that.

For standard tanks or ones of a custom size please contact us. It is very easy for us to make tanks of different sizes. We can also build two-phase cooling systems for things other than servers or cryptocurrency miners.