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Immersion Tanks

Data & Crypto Two-Phase Systems

Two-Phase Immersion Cooling enables a much higher processing capacity density by eliminating active cooling components such as fans and heatsinks.  A smaller "data center" can perform the same as a larger data center and can accommodate areas with limited space.



Lower Cooling



Less Space Needed 


Watts per
Square Ft

Modern High Computing loads are beyond the capabilities of air cooling, and this trend is only going to increase.

Two Phase Immersion Cooling solutions have sufficient capacity and will be required by data centers for years to come.


The Future of Data Centers

Data Tanks

Data Tanks
Single Cube 1T.png
24 DataKool 2.jpg
72IU Tank_Orange.png
72IU Tank_Orange 1.png
Crypto Tank

Crypto Tanks

DataKool 500 C_04.png
Miner Tank.png

E3’s Two-Phase Immersion Cooling Data Tanks are custom built to produce the highest efficiency possible. 

We currently focus on 500kW, 250kW, 180kW,  &
24kW Two-Phase Immersion Tanks.

24 DataKool 2.jpg

For standard or custom tanks please contact us. 

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