Energy Storage

E3 is currently developing an energy storage system with a long life and a low cost per cycle. This results in a great and safe long term investment.


Our systems are designed around Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate batteries that are safer, more stable and last longer than regular Lithium Iron Phosphate or Lithium Polymer batteries.


It has been our experience that the inverters on these energy storage and solar systems tend to break down after 3 years. That is why we use mil-spec inverters with a 7-year warranty and an even longer expected life.



We offer Demand Response, Peak Shaving, Solar Support, and Load Shifting. We have found that places with proper demand response programs are the most economical and are the best investment.


Optional Features:

Solar Panels

Walk-In Enclosure


Lightweight Construction

Customized Appearance

Coming Soon!

We have two types of batteries available. One type is a long life lithium iron magnesium phosphate capable of over 8000 charge cycles. The second type is a 5000 charge cycle battery with a lower first cost.

The LiFeMgPO4 batteries are more cost-effective in the long run, but the plain LiFePO4 cost 25% less.

Our energy storage modules are cost competitive, robust, and efficient. The modules can feature solar panels to provide shade to the battery modules are to compensate for the parasitic load of the inverter and controllers.

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