Generator Modules


E3's generator modules are state-of-the-art engine/generator sets or gensets with high reliability, efficiency and reduce no-start scenarios.

Standard Features:

24 Hour Fuel Tank

Sound Attenuated

Engine Silencer

Acoustic Dampers

Fully Insulated

Fire Rated Doors, Panels, Tanks

Integrated Battery Chargers

Built-in Transformers

Standard Interconnects for Fuel & Power​

Standard Sizes:
Generator enclosure designed for Apple datacenters. It has a urea system on top for emission reduction and a sand trap air intake for use in deserts.

Our generator modules can be customized for special needs, such as the stackable units pictured above. We can also build units optimized for harsh conditions, such as the arctic circle, tropical islands, or deserts.

Gensets are available ranging from 100 kW to 2 MW. Both larger and smaller sizes are available from 10 kW to 4.5 MW and beyond. 

Currently, the most cost effective units range from 1.5MW to 2.5MW.

We can package your engines or sell you a pre-engineered solution.

Generator installed at customer facility. It has a base tank for fuel storage.

According to the EPA (published through their Energy Star program), data centers consume 61 billion kWh of electricity each year. The EPA & DOE have gathered pricing and energy usage data which shows that the average price of electricity for a data center is 7.3 cents per kW while some data centers are able to buy power for as little as 3 cents per kWh, you may be getting gouged. This is a great reason to consider generating your own power. If you are generating power for your own use, you may want to consider a cogeneration system that takes the waste heat from the engines or turbines to reduce cooling costs as well as supplying electricity. Please keep in mind that all states and utilities have different laws and regulations regarding this and so it will need to be evaluated to determine if it is worthwhile.

We understand that no two companies have the exact same needs. That is why we are vendor neutral in all things and do not force you to use our solutions as they may not be right for you.


While we offer our generators with equipment that we have carefully selected, we can also package generators provided to us.

This allows you to take advantage of our high-quality enclosures and still use the generators that you have carefully selected for your needs.


We also have our own control software but we have no problems working with and installing your preferred control system. 

Optional Features:

GenView Monitoring & Control Software

Emissions Control

Stackable Units

Base Fuel Tank

Central Urea Storage Tank (for multiple generators)

Access Control

Aesthetic Customizations

Intake Hood​

Generator installed at a yacht club. It has an enclosure that is indistinguishable from the rest of the building.
Exterior wall that hides the generator cogen system that integrates solar pwoer and fuel cells.

If you are struggling with the reliability of standby generators, you could switch to continuous generation.


Rather than running a generator when you lose power, you run generators all the time and use the utility as your backup.


While this is very different than the traditional way of supplying power to a data center, Microsoft, DataGryd, Aligned Data Centers, Arizona Public Service, and others have had great success in switching to continuous power sources for some or all of their data centers.


If you need higher reliability than the utility company or traditional standby generators offer and "no-start" scenarios are unacceptable, please contact us so we can discuss whether continuous engines or turbines are the right solutions for you.

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We can also conceal generators for those with concerns regarding facility aesthetics. The above units were made for a hospital (left) & a country club (right). 

Mission Critical Applications

Our generators are fantastic solutions for mission-critical operations. When millions of dollars are on the line, customers choose E3.

Hospitals, data centers, water treatment facilities, band and other financial institutions need extremely reliable power. If losing power could cause you significant losses from lawsuits, lost customers or opportunity loss, contact us so we can help increase uptime and reduce potential losses.

We are one of the only companies who has successfully implemented diesel fired prime power. If you absolutely cannot go offline, continuous generation is the only way to go. Another consideration is a battery backup or UPS (Uninterruptible power system) which you can learn more about by clicking here.

Generator with base tank for a water treatment plant in Pony Creek.


Pony Creek

Water Purification Facility