Immersion Cooling Overview

What is Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling refers to the process of immersing servers, GPUs, ASICs, and other IT hardware in a non-conductive fluid. The fluid is a far more effective cooling medium than air is and so higher efficiencies are achievable. Two-phase immersion cooling is similar but the fluid boils on the hot components.

Diagram of how single phase immersion cooling works. Hot oil and cold water are pumped into a heat exchanger. The cold oil goes back to the tank and the hot water goes out to a dry cooler, cooling tower, and/or chiller.
Diagram of how two phase immersion cooling works. The fluid boils on the chips, the vapor rises up to the condensers. Water flows through the condenser to recondense the vapor back to a liquid. The water is then run to a dry cooler to cool it back down.

The left graphic shows a basic, single-phase cooling system. In these systems, hot fluid is pumped out and returned after being cooled. This makes plumbing more complex than two-phase cooling and is rather inefficient. The most efficient single-phase systems actively circulate the fluid through a heat exchanger. The fluid is then sent through jets onto the chips. There are also cooling coils for the other components. This doubles the complexity of the cooling system and limits scalability but is excellent for single tank setups.

There are even more simple setups with just cooling coils in the tank with convection alone providing cooling. This is very simple and requires no controls, but is much less efficient.

The right graphic depicts a two-phase immersion cooling system. In this system, the fluid boils on the chips and the phase change provides the majority of the cooling. These systems are more complex than single-phase systems but offer higher efficiencies, scalability, and lower maintenance.

Unlike single phase cooling, equipment is dry when removed thanks to 3M's Novec and Fluorinert Fluids.

At present, we only offer two-phase cooling. The benefits far outweigh the added complexity.

At this time, we are negotiating with a client about developing single-phase tanks for a particular application. We expect to have single phase tanks available by Q2 2019.

How can immersion cooling help your business?

Immersion cooling helps your company by:

Reducing Cooling Costs by up to 98%

Eliminating Fan and Power Supply Replacement

95% Reduction in IT Footprint

16x Increased Density

Up to 30% CAPEX Savings

15% Carbon Footprint Reduction

Minimize Downtime

Maximize Reliability

Decrease Staff up to 75%

Overclocking to Increase Performance​

A two phase immersion cooling tank with three glass doors.

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