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A battery backup trailer that keeps the lights on for the NFL SuperBowl. It's on a truck getting ready to leaev the E3 facility.

The trailer above was made for GPS and was present at the 2018 Super Bowl. 

We offer our Critical Infrastructure Module as portable solutions as well as permanent installations. 

Mobile deployment can be inside a standard trailer or a dedicated portable module.


Uninterruptible Power Systems and Generators are available as well as combined modules with both.


In addition to power solutions, we can also build disaster recovery trailers that take care of networking, communication, and data needs.

Utilizing lithium batteries allows us to achieve incredible densities in a single trailer. This can reduce TCO over lead acid.

The trailer above had lithium-ion batteries and was able to ship with a capacity of 1100 kVA. In order to do that with lead-acid, we would need two trucks (one for the UPS and one for the batteries).


The unit above also has a storage area in the front for equipment. We have also designed trailers with broadcast equipment built right in.

The mobile units can be fully customized just like our permanent units.

A drawing of a disaster recovery trailer for telecom companies. The various components are labeled. The geenrator and its coolnig equipment are at teh front. Cooling equipment for the networking and server racks is at the rear of the trailer. Data center connection is handled in boxes on the underside of the trailer.
A roll-on, roll-off solution for E3's generators. This allows generators such as wellhead generation units to be deployed from a smaller truck without a crane or forklift.

The trailer on the left was designed for a telecom company that wanted a disaster recovery trailer with everything they needed to get back online.

The trailer has a generator, UPS, HVAC, communication equipment as well as some storage and a workbench in order to get their facilities operational in the event of an emergency.


If you are interested in these trailers, please contact us so that we can assess your needs and prepare your equipment before disaster strikes.​

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We can also manufacture roll-off solutions that can be mobile or permanent. These can be moved to a new facility when they are no longer in use at the current facility.

This is how our MAG Power units work.