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vXchnge - Austin

We recently shipped 6 Critical Infrastructure Modules to vXchnge's new data center in Austin, Texas.

Austin Modules Crane

There are 4 Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and 2 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) units.

The photo on the right shows units being craned into position on concrete pads outside the facility.

vXchnge offers carrier-neutral colocation services. That means they need to protect not only their own assets, but those of hundreds of customers. vXchnge trust E3's high quality modular buildings to protect their equipment and their business.

These units have several optional features including water detection, FM-200 fire suppression, custom panels (stainless steel), painted interior (green), fire rated mineral wool insulation, and more.

Austin Interior Switchgear

Below, an independent third party performs testing on the equipment to insure their equipment is fully functional, (in this case the customer hired Emerson). We have no issues with additional testing because we know the quality of our modules is second to none. Our modules are built to last with an estimated 20-year life for the roofing and walls negating the need for short term replacement.

Emerson Techs Testing Breakers

With laws constantly changing, some companies are forced to move when local laws are no longer favorable. Our modules are durable and strong enough to be moved multiple times during their lifetime. Not only does this provide direct financial benefit, but it also provides leverage when negotiating.

Austin Transformers and Battery Cabinets

Lastly, because of the way modular construction is done, the deployment schedule can be very flexible. These units sat in our warehouse for a few months because the customer was not yet ready. Additionally, modules can be deployed in multiple phases more easily than brick and mortar counterparts. This means you are monetizing your assets sooner and improve cashflow for everyone involved in the project.

If any of this interests you or you would like some more information please contact us.



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